Thursday, January 2

The New Year 2014 Begins!

Hi !! First of all....
May all the good things will happen in 2014 and all of wishes will come true!!

It's been months since I did my last post. I was putting my blog on hiatus and 2013 has ended in a blink. There were many good and bad, up and down things happen around me in 2013. Especially during summer, I had to move to a new apartment in Shanghai, I went to Seoul during summer and it was very memorable that I always wanted to go back to Seoul again. In 2013 I also learnt many things from people around me I get to think a lot for many things as I grow older and I think it's normal. 

So, what do you guys do during New Year Eve? For me, Since I'm in Shanghai and I am away from my family, I was having a small gathering at my friend's apartment, We had dinner together and had exchanged Christmas gift that was put on hold because most of us were busy of school projects and exams. But anyway, the exams has ended and I'm officially having a holiday right now. One more thing, a day before 2013 ended I was having a little shopping, it's SALE season!  Although I already started a few days before that. I will stay in Shanghai for a week and will be going to Jakarta next weekend, then I will be back to my hometown, Surabaya. I can't wait for that!

I'm having quite a severe back pain right now. I think it's because of work loads that require me to sit many hours non stop and I have to carry heavy stuff at many times too. I will have myself check when I'm back. 

My little Finds on 31st December 2013.
//A little bag from Accessorize // A history book of fashion // A Dairy // An earrings from Accessorize// A tee (plus LBD actually) from ZARA // Gold and pink color water color paints // 

There's this habit of me, when I stay for a long time in a book store, I can't not to buy anything from there before I leave. Since to get there I have to walk quite far and I rarely have time to go there. And mostly I will go alone if I go there. 

Saturday, September 21

Seoul Trip - Part 3

It's finally coming to the last part of my trip to Seoul. I've tried to minimized them as many as possible. I hope you will enjoy and get to know more about Seoul through these three posts. It's really a fun city to go especially for youngsters. I would love to go back again when I have the chance. I still think about Seoul right now!

A view of Hongdae. Taken from a guest house where I stayed.

Had a lunch at Hapjeong area. It's a nice and cozy place with a great italian food.

 the decor

 Urban Tree, located at Hapjeong area.

 It's Han River! Located at Banpo Bridge. It was such a long way to find it. We got lost and asked some people and finally we got there at the end. There were lots of people enjoying the water dancing, with some musics, and lights! There were people cycling around the park too. 

Went to N Seoul Tower at the next day after going to Myeongdong. Because N Seoul Tower is near to Myeongdong.

entering the teddy bear house before entering the Top of N Seoul Tower.

There were two parts of teddy bear museum in Seoul. The old historical .

and the new and modern era. Seoul right now. the Nanta bears are super cute!

Ended the post by posing beside Psy look alike teddy bear!

I will be posting about my life in Shanghai after this post! I've been going to an exhibition, tried some new cafes and restaurants in town and went to a bazaar like event! Wait for the next post!

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Sunday, September 15

Seoul Trip - Part 2

A continuation from my Trip To Seoul last summer...
Sorry for taking so long to continue to the second post. I was back in hometown when I posted my trip to seoul (part 1). Since my holiday has ended and I'm back in Shanghai. After arriving in Shanghai, I had to move my stuff to a new apartment. I live just nearby from where I live before. But to bring the things over to the new apartment was taking me around 4 days. 

So well, let's continue!
I went to Nami Island. It's a famous touristic island in Korea. It was quite a long journey to get there and even feel longer because the weather was very hot during summer. Before going to the island, we were taking lunch, it was a great food! After around more than an hour, we actually arrived in the Nami Island. There were lots of people, couples, and lots of trees everywhere. I think it will be best to go during Autumn or Winter. 

Me and my friend at the "Winter Sonata" drama statue.

 It took us another more than an hour to get back and we directly go to Hongdae again. We went to watch Nanta Cooking Show. It's a famous comedy show in Korea. I like it a lot! It's very fun, and the actors and actress were very good at acting and playing the kitchen utensils. I like the story and the set. I would recommend everyone who goes to Korea to watch Nanta Show.
this is where the Nanta Show building in Hongdae.

 Before we went to the Show, we went to fill in our hunger. And found this budae jjigae shop that we actually never research about it. And turns out it's quite a famous place and has some branches. I even went to eat it again in Myeongdong.

 Set of Nanta Show

The next day, we went to Apgujeong and walk straight to Cheongdamdong, and Gangnam Station. At the beginning of Cheongdamdong area, we went to the Korean Artist Entertainment, like JYP, FNC, and Cube Entertainment. From what I know, JYP building was there first, and then Cube and FNC just moved to the same area too. What's very cool about it is that Cube Ent and JYP Ent building is very close to one another. We just have to take a turn around from JYP to Cube Ent, with passing the Dunkin Donuts shop that is right in front of JYP building. Surprisingly, there were some international fans too who stayed at the Dunkin Donuts waiting to see some idols. 


in front of JYP building, more fans waiting here than the other places.

Cube Entertainment

 Nearby  Cube Entertainment, there is Cube Studio. It's a cafe by Cube Ent.

 in front of FNC Ent.

 This is the Dunkin Donuts shop that I was talking about.


 The super crowded Gangnam. One of my favorite place.

End the day by having dinner at LeeSsang Gary's Restaurant! taken the photo from my instagram!

The next day, we went to Gwangjang Market. It's a traditional Market that has lots of food stalls. We went to try to eat like the Koreans in the market. Like what usually we see in the drama. People were sitting and ordering food!

tteokbokki, anyone?? yummy..

Since we went to Seoul during summer, we ate a lot of naengmyeon : 냉면 (cold noodle). But this time, the noodle is actually some kind of pudding. The taste is a little spicy, sour, has a chewy texture and very refreshing because it's cold!! 

little kimbaps and tteokbokki

japchae korean fried noodle.

I forgot to not what's this dish called. but it's crunchy when it's hot. The owner could speak chinese!

We were never stop eating in Seoul! Seriously, after the food galore in Gwangjang market, we went to Namdaemun Market, and did some tourist shopping. and then we walked to Myeongdong. Before entering Myeongdong, we went to get chill in a cafe. It was raining badly at that time. 

patbingsu ice is everywhere during summer in Seoul! We had it quite often, despite waffle.

Super bad weather in Myeongdong, but we still have a walk and shop!

There was a day when I was not taking many photos. It was Itaewon area, I went there in the afternoon and was super hot that I didn't feel like taking any. I guess that makes sense. At the same day, I went to Dongdaemun! It's  must visit shopping district in Seoul! Dongdaemun is super big, but I was going to three to four buildings only and the day was already dark in a glimpse. Time runs faster when we shop!

Lotte Fittin, Dongdaemun.

Korean street food! I should have eaten more street food, but I wasn't able to, since we always had a lot of food during lunch and dinner time at a restaurant and some tea time in between. Still, I'm satisfied that I had the korean hot dog (on the right). It reminds me of my high school moment where I used to have this a lot at my school canteen. I always remember the taste and I miss it right now!

Friday, August 23

Seoul Trip - Part 1

Hello guys! It's been more than a month since my last update. I was in the middle of summer holiday. I am still on holiday, it's just that I'm back in hometown right now. Counting the days till the holiday end very soon. If you are following my Instagram you would know that I was away for a month, I had a long trip. I was going to Seoul for 10 days started from 28 July until 6 August. I had so much fun in Seoul with my mom, brother, and a friend. Going to South Korea was like a dream come true to me, I was wanted to go since I was in high school. I had so much fun in Seoul for 10 days. I visited many places, despite the hot weather with some rain occasionally. Weather was something unpredictable but didn't make me lose my excitement.

After 10 days in Seoul, I went back to Kuala Lumpur (since I went to Seoul through Kuala Lumpur), I stayed for 2 days and I went to Singapore for another 3 days and I finally went back to KL for 10 days till I'm back to my hometown three days ago. I was spending my time with my sister's family, and of course with my lil nephew. He is getting bigger and cuter. I was having a blast truly during this holiday.

Back to the Seoul Trip. Since I have lots of photos in my camera and my phone. It took me a long time to choose some photos and did the resizing to make it ready to be post in the blog.

Get Ready for seeing lots of photos!

In day 1 after I arrived in Incheon airport in the morning, I went to Hongdae (Hongik University) right away to where I stayed for seven days, had lunch in that area too. Then, we took some time to get ready and went to Hongdae area, continued with Sinchon Station. We walked straight to Ewha University to have some shopping time. I personally love these three areas because of how lively these places are, these areas have many small shops and  boutiques, cute cafes, nice parks too. The price range was quite cheap, starting from 5000won, 10,000won, and so on. Ewha was a great place to shop. Too bad I couldn't capture lots of pics at that time due the bad weather. It was raining and gloomy.

Ewha University

I loved the area so much! looking at the shops there. 

 Our first dinner in Seoul! Having the army stew or budae jjigae (부대찌개)

 this cold buckwheat noodle is awesome!

 dessert after the dinner! Patbingsu or patbingsoo (팥빙수)

After that, we continued to walk and went back home. All of us were exhausted because we had a one a.m. flight and couldn't sleep well. But, my brother, my friend, and me were taking a stroll to Hongdae once again.

The next day (DAY 2)
We went to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace area (Gwanghwamun).

WARNING! extreme Looooonnngg journey and lots of photos just happened in one day! I tried make it short!

start the day Freshly! This how the metro or MRT in Seoul looks like!

Got there and pose! nice and wide scenery.

 took a stroll to have something to eat!

and found this place! First time eating the Katsu in Seoul and it taste different with I usually get in anywhere. We were loving katsu in Seoul since then!

Look how the kids played freely around the water fountain. 

The Palace!

We were lucky to see the ceremony changing the guard. They have some kind of ritual and played the traditional instruments. It was under the scorching sun, but I still got closer to see it! Somehow, I felt I was seeing the movie and drama in real life! I was wondering too, how they are able to stand the heat with what they're wearing.

After that, we walked to Samcheongdong. It's an area where you can find many unique cafes and shops.

even cafes like these.

 or this, we went in and tried the waffles!

 desserts are great to make us cool down. again, to avoid the scorching heat.

 cute shops!

found Hello Kitty Cafe in the area, there's one in Hongdae too.

 I'm not a fan of macaroons. But my friend said she went here to just to eat macaroons from this shop. I tried, and I like it!

After that, we took an uphill walk (the journey was plenty of uphill walk, but this one is extreme uphill!, I mean it) and long walk to find Bukchon Village. The traditional housing areas. I love the place! 

 The Bukchon Village. I love this place! again, uphill everywhere.

Heading to Insadong rightaway. A touristic place with some artsy shops and areas. I love it! Not forgetting to go to Ssamsiegil

 Ssamsiegil, where you could find art shops, handmade stuff here.

Getting lost before going to Cheonggyecheon Stream. Finally made our way and cooling down by dipping our feet into the cold stream. 

Afterwards, we went to have our dinner, we were heading to Yeongdeungpo Station, where the Time Square is. But we didn't have our dinner there. We went to eat Pork Grill (yummy) at a restaurant. If you are a fan of CN BLUE, a Korean Band, you will know the drummer's dad, Minhyuk's dad run a restaurant. Without doubt, there were many of their posters and notes from the fans around the world sticked on the wall. Even the menu were stated in many different languages! How cool is that? Besides, the food was superb!

one of my favorite bibimbap that I had in Seoul, really.

grill, cut, wrap, and eat it! yummy!

These just happened in two days. Each day we were getting more and more tired and started to cool down or take the rest of the trip slower. Stay tune for the rest of my trip!